People Are Losing Their Shit Over This 'Only In Malta' Level Of Safety

Gotta love our attention to health and safety.

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This photo of some super dodgy-looking construction work has sparked mild outrage  on Facebook within one hour of being uploaded. 

The photo shows a man seemingly carrying out an intervention on a column supporting a balcony at Surfside – the bar and restaurant in Sliema. This would be mad enough as an exercise in itself seeing as this dude is going gung-ho at the column sans hard-hat. But err, more worryingly is the fact that all the restaurants' clients are seated above him, blissfully unaware of the floor potentially being knocked out from under them.

We're not quite sure what works are being carried out here, but it's safe to say (and we use the word 'safe' lightly) that it's violating more than a couple of H&S regulations. 

Wait, does Malta even have H&S regulations?!

Do you have any information on what's happening here? Send us a message on [email protected] to let us know.

At the time of publication Lovin Malta awaits comment from Surfside about what the fuck is going on.