‘Pope Francis Has Left Malta With A Part-Time Archbishop!’: Priest's Outburst At Scicluna’s New Top Job

"Pope Francis is insulting Malta's diocese!"

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A Maltese priest has criticised Pope Francis for granting Archbishop Charles Scicluna a powerful Vatican job, claiming the Pontiff’s message is that “Malta can make do with a part-time Archbishop”.

“It pains me hearing people speak of the Archbishop’s new position as though it’s some great honour for the Church,” Fr René Camilleri said on ONE Breakfast today. “I respect the Archbishop and there’s no doubt he considers this new position an honour but if Pope Francis were standing before me, I’d tell him that he is insulting Malta’s diocese because he is essentially telling us we can make do with a part-time Archbishop.”

“Rome’s original sin is that it still views bishops as bureaucrats who administer dioceses. If the Archbishop has a contribution to offer in Rome, then I take my hat off to him and wish him all the best, but not if we are left with a part-time Archbishop.”

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Fr René Camilleri on ONE Breakfast

Scicluna was yesterday appointed adjunct secretary to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s ‘home affairs ministry’ that Joseph Ratzinger used to lead for over 20 years prior to his accession as Pope.

Pope Francis created the position of adjunct secretary precisely to accommodate Scicluna, a massive sign of trust in the Maltese Archbishop that will lend weight to rumours he has been tipped as the next Pope.

Do you think Charles Scicluna should become the next Pope?

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