President Of Malta's Husband Calls Celebrating Halloween 'Satanic'

He says we need to educate our children

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First Gentleman Edgar Preca, husband of President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, has warned about a danger that will be in Malta within a few days. 

As Maltese people of all ages prepare for Halloween, the traditional "spooky" festival that comes around every year, Edgar Preca felt he needed to warn the people of Malta about this "satanic" holiday just this morning. 

"Few perhaps know that the feast of Halloween is a satanic holiday. Let us educate our children and ourselves to this practice, and maybe end it once and for all. Good morning everyone and as always thanks to God for his love towards us even though none of us deserve his love."

Edgar Preca, First Gentleman of Malta

His comments are in tune with a section of the Maltese population who see Halloween as nothing more than a pagan, satanic holiday. Rumours of "black masses" and people doing other blasphemous acts tend to spike around this time of the year.

Other warnings have made the rounds in recent years, including messages like the one below.

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What is your opinion on Halloween? Will you be celebrating it or staying home? Let us know in the comments.

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