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‘Solidarity Fund’ Set Up For Wardens Charged With Involuntary Homicide Of Inmate

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Malta’s prison has set up a voluntary solidarity fund for two wardens who have been suspended and charged with the involuntary homicide of Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu. 

The two wardens were suspended and subsequently charged in court after a magisterial inquiry into the young woman’s death had found that the two wardens had played a contributing role by bullying the inmate. 

Borg Nicolas Virtu’s father has even said that the two wardens had provided his daughter with a blanket and pair of jogging shorts after she had told them that she felt suicidal. 

Both were charged in court earlier this month and pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. 

According to the Times of Malta, the idea to set up the fund was the General Workers’ Union’s and was quickly taken up by Alex Dalli, the prison director who is himself suspended following yet another prison suicide under his watch. 

The paper also reported that the union was providing the two workers with free legal assistance. 

It is understood that some 400 employees are pitching in €10 a month. The funds are taken directly from consenting wardens’ salaries each month. 

The prison’s head of operations Randolph Spiteri did not reply to the Times’ questions on the matter, asking it to refer its questions to the General Workers’ Union instead. 

A petition circulated among prison staff calling for Dalli to be reinstated, despite the serious accusations against him, was signed by 94% of the facility’s staff. 

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