'Patriots' Leader Ripped Out Jesus From NYB's Last Supper Billboard

No pizza for Him


A group of people have just vandalised the 12-metre billboard placed by restaurant franchise New York Best overlooking the Msida skatepark which depicted Da Vinci's famous painting the Last Supper - but with a food upgrade featuring milkshakes, pizza and fries. 

Owner Tommy Diacono uploaded a video showing the vandals ripping out the likeness of Jesus from the billboard.

He captioned the post with: "Don't you know he'll be back in three days?"

It later emerged that the people who tore off the image of Christ included Henry Battistino, the leader of Moviment Patrijotti Maltin, who contested the last general election. He was joined by one of his candidates Desmond Falzon who got an unbelievable zero votes in the June 3rd election. 

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Earlier, police inspector Sandro Camilleri gave a very serious interview to iNewsMalta in front of the billboard.


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Chris Peregin