'The Morning After Pill: The Genocide Of Our Children'

Crazy leaflet sent to households


A leaflet distributed to households has equated the introduction of the morning after pill to genocide.

The leaflet, which has been shared on Facebook, describes the pill as abortive and somewhat hilariously says it can be used up to 72 hours after "the matrimonial act".

Labelling the use of the pill "chemical murder", the leaflet goes on to claim that the Health Department is valuing politics over science by stating the pill is not abortive. 

Check out the full leaflet:

Leaflet 1
Leaflet 2

Signed only by [email protected], the message ends with a warning: "You raise your children with love and sacrifice and the Government feeds them poison and steals their money to hide them in Panama." 

Comments on the post in the Facebook group "The Salott" were quick to flood in, slamming the pamphlet for its scaremongering.

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Written By

Chris Peregin