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This Is One Notification From Melita You Don’t Want To Ignore

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Since the company’s first foray into the world of mobile telephony, they’ve developed a bit of a bad rep (and spawned a bad rap). But in a awesome show of solidarity with their generous clients, Melita have just gifted €2 to the accounts of all the clients who donated during this year’s Istrina.

Melita Message

That’s right – no good deed goes unnoticed. 

And while the actual annual charity show has removed gift giving from being the central theme of the day (and are instead trying to shift the focus back onto goodwill), Melita’s move was very well received by clients.


“I received it and I really appreciated it. It’s a small gesture but an awesome one.”

So take note Maltese business owners, unexpected (but certainly not unappreciated) acts of kindness make a huge difference to your clients. 

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