Tony Blair May Have A Maltese Tan But British Tabloids Aren't Impressed

He was called out for holidaying with the Muscats

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British tabloid has slammed Tony Blair for his vacation in Malta after seeing him spending time with Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Seemingly upset over the pair's shared interest in seeing Brexit reversed, Express referred to Tony Blair as "shameless" for his trip to the island.

Probably intended as an insult, the tabloid also referred to Joseph Muscat as a 'Europhile' and attacked him for his "remarkable" statements on Brexit earlier this year. 

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But it wasn't just express who picked up the story. The Sun and The Daily Mail were also quick to accuse Blair of holidaying with vocal opponents of Brexit. The tabloids, who were strongly in favour of seeing the UK exit the bloc, all took a similar stance against the meeting.

"It was a pleasure hosting Tony and Cherie Blair and sharing so many insights with them -JM"

Joseph Muscat, Twitter

Mr Blair told the state broadcaster: "I wanted to come here to see Malta again and to meet the Prime Minister." The ex-Prime Minister of the UK made headlines locally after he addressed crowds via video message at PL's mass meeting at the Fosos during ahead of last June's snap election. 

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