WATCH: A Maltese Meme Dies Today

Goodbye, 'Boiler Nru. 7'

If you ever need an example of Malta's unique sense of humour, a steam boiler becoming a nation-wide meme is a good place to start. A few years back at the height of Malta's 21st century power cut crisis, one particular electricity generator got a lot of flack for letting the whole country down. And thus the name 'Boiler Nru. 7' was one everyone's lips... and their Facebook statuses.

But now in a video posted to Facebook, Enemalta has confirmed 'Boiler Nru. 7' is no more, as they pulled it down to the ground as part of the works being done at the old Marsa Power Station.

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to the boiler, which served the island for over 30 years, Enemalta proudly admitted that while it was often the butt of jokes and satire, it is probably the only steam boiler in the world to have its own Facebook Page.

Boiler Nru 7
Boiler Nru 7 2

Like the rest of the steam boilers on site, Number 7 was switched off for the last time back in 2015.

The 'fan page' set up back when 'Boiler Nru. 7' was at the height of its infamy shared one final post, thanking Enemalta for 'upgrading it one final time by sending it to heaven'. Apparently it's full of solar panels, but the boiler itself would kill for a Cisk.

Thanks for the memes, 'Boiler Nru. 7' - your inability to keep up with the demand won't be missed, but you joke potential certainly will.

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