WATCH: Destiny Gushes About Phone Call From Malta's President On British Talk Show

"I am truly proud of you"

Destiny Chukunyere has already stolen the hearts of the Maltese, but as her audition on Britain's Got Talent continues to go viral, her fan base has gone global.

Invited to speak on the popular British talk show This Morning, Destiny explained to Holly and Philip that she knew she wanted to be a singer from the age of ten. Destiny's mother was also present and beamed proudly as she expressed how happy she was to see her daughter's dream come true.

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But her her fans include a big name or two, and no, we don't only mean Simon Cowell. On the show Destiny recreated the adorable reaction she had the second she found out she was on the phone with Malta's President, who was calling to congratulate her on an incredible talent.

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