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WATCH: ‘Don’t You See Me Crying?’ Gozitan Priest Accused Of Rape Says When Asked If He Is Ashamed

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Joseph Cini, one of two priests accused of raping an altar boy in Gozo, has left court after being arraigned this morning.

Asked by the press where he was ashamed, he responded, waving a handkerchief: “Don’t you see me crying?”

Cini, a priest in his 70s from Għarsi, and Joseph Sultana, an 84-year-old who served in Xagħra’s parish, both pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and corruption of a minor. Both will be kept under arrest as the case continues.

In an urgent testimony via videoconferencing this morning, the victim – who was eight years old at the time of the alleged abuse, but is now no longer a minor – went into disturbing detail that had him visibly emotional, even bursting into tears at one point.

The case is on-going.

To watch the full video taken by TVM, click here.

Photo inset: Times of Malta 

*A previous version of this article said Cini faced allegations of child abuse in Australia. It was in fact, father Joseph Sultana who faced the allegations. 

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