WATCH: PN Leader Needed A Doctor After Finding Out About Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Assassination

'I was shocked to the bone...I could feel the entire burden of my responsibilities as Opposition leader'

PN leader Adrian Delia has revealed his reaction upon finding out about the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia on the afternoon of 16th October. 

Interviewed on Xarabank alongside his wife Nickie Vella de Fremaux, Delia said his driver had just picked him up from the PN headquarters after a whole day working on his Budget speech - which had been scheduled for that night - when the Prime Minister called him up to deliver the fateful news. 

“We were next to a pizzeria in Strada Reale in Hamrun when I received that phonecall, and thank God I wasn’t driving myself because I was shocked to the bone,” he said. “I told my driver to take me back [to the PN headquarters] and when I arrived, I just felt so sick that I collapsed onto a sofa and they had to call in a doctor for me.”

“I’m usually a very carefree and stress-free person but in that one second, I felt the entire burden of my responsibility as leader of a party in the Opposition. It was tough…”

Caruana Galiza was a harsh critic of Delia, penning several blogposts about his financial situation and past relationship with Soho brothel landlords. On his part, Delia dismissed Caruana Galizia as a “mere blogger who was just scared of losing her grip on the PN”.

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