After Last Night's Heavy Thunderstorm, Here's What The Weather In Malta Looks Like This Week

Here's hoping y'all love rain and lightning


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After weeks of hectic weather, Malta still seems to not be stabilising any time soon. A very sunny and rather warm weekend suddenly turned thundery last night with a heavy (and loud) lightning show dominating the early hours of Monday morning. The rest of the week seems like there's more of the same on the horizon.

The weather forecast for this week has kicked off with a yellow warning for a "moderate to heavy thundery showers". And even though people woke up to a very sunny morning today, it looks like thunder and rain will soon enough be returning to the islands. Sure, it might look unlikely for now, but international forecasts currently have precipitation chances of 60% to 80% for the next two days.

The rest of the week has cloudy bouts of fresh days feeling like 23°C and 24°C with the lowest temperature going down to 18°C and 19°C. The wind will also be relatively strong all throughout the week, with a now northerly wind bringing gusts of Force 5 and even 6 over Wednesday in particular.

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The weekend, on the other hand, is one mixed bag of sunny, rainy and windy.

As the temperatures budges slightly up to 25°C, a southerly wind will start at Force 3 on Friday and going all the way up to Force 6 on Sunday. The lows will be a tad warmer than this week, gravitating at 20°C and 21°C.

The rain might return on Saturday for some isolated showers, while Sunday will bring a windy end to the week.

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