As Malta's Lost & Found Festival Kicks Off, British Clubbers Are Bringing Their Shitty Weather Down With Them

Y'all, what did you do to our sun?


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Even with a solid schedule of music festivals that keeps increasing, Malta still boasts some standout events that keep getting more and more people flocking to the island on an annual basis. Lost & Found is one of those festivals, attracting thousands of clubbers, particularly from the UK. And while most of our international guests would be eager to lap up some good old Mediterranean sun, it looks like they might've brought the weather down with them.

While L&F's main festival days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it all officially kicks off tonight with an opening party. "I am excited for sunnier days and warmer nights," DJ and festival organiser Annie Mac had told fans when it was announced that this year's edition was moving to May. However, Malta woke up to a cloudy, windy Thursday this morning, with light rain even hitting certain parts of the island. Add a temperature that doesn't get any higher than 18°C and projected lows of 15°C tonight, and you're looking at an ironic revision of Annie Mac's statements.

To make matters just a bit worse, today will be seeing strong Force 6 winds which might even go all the way up to Force 7 at times, leading to Malta International Airport's forecast page to issue a yellow warning on the strong west and southwest winds hitting the island. Currently, though, the warning is only valid till 6pm.

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Every Maltese clubber right now, realising they might need to wear a thin jacket tonight

Thankfully, though, it seems like the weather is set to improve over the coming days. 

Friday and Saturday should be mainly sunny, bumping the weather up to 22°C (even though the evenings will stall at the relatively fresher 15°C for the whole weekend). Sunday might bring some more cloudy weather, but with the temperature going up by another degree and with no substantial chances of rain on the forecast, it should be another fine day for clubbers.

Most importantly, those strong winds are set to drastically diminish over Friday, going down to mild Force 2 and 3 breezes. This is of course great news for the thousands of people who will be attending the festival, especially considering that most of the main venues (like Cafe Del Mar and Numero Uno) are outdoors... and that's without mentioning the multiple boat, pool and beach parties happening across the island. 

The UV Index will be sitting on a solid 7 and 8 all weekend, so even though you might see quite a of cloud cover, we'd still recommending packing some sunscreen ahead of a day of dancing in the sun.

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This year's Lost & Found Festival has a cracking line-up that includes Jamie XX, Four Tet, Diplo, J Hus, Bicep, The Black Madonna and Tiga. 

If you're still not sure whether to join in on the four-day celebrations, check out some highlights from last year's edition, which saw everyone from a tiger plush to actual Jesus joining.

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