Malta Might Be Getting Some Rain This Week... But That's Not All We're Getting

Here's a hint: you still won't need jackets any time soon


With September now in full force, Malta has still not gotten a spell of rain typical of the end of summer. That seems like it might change soon, though, as rain has made it onto this week's weather forecast. However, rain isn't the only thing coming our way over the next couple of days.

The beginning of the week holds some chance of light showers... but we've also got very high temperatures to deal with.

While the airport's forecast is showing tomorrow as possibly featuring some showers, other forecasts even have today down for some light rain. What all forecasts are agreeing on, though, is that Malta will still be getting temperatures in the mid 30s.

Highs of 30°C will feel more like 34°C and 35°C, with very mild winds of Force 2-3 making it all feel even warmer. Factor in the easterly direction of these breezes, and you're looking at a stifling week with some rain and a whole lot of cloudy weather.

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Original Photo by Andy Gauci Pace

As far as the weekend goes, the Maltese islands are in for a very mixed bag.

Friday's mainly cloudy day will give way to some more chance of rainfall on Saturday, with Sunday finally going back to sunny weather.

Temperatures that feel like 34°C will still persist throughout the weekend, and the lows will still sit at around 22°C for all of the week. The weekend will however see the wind shifting to a northwesterly direction and gusts of Force 3 and 4, so we might be in for slightly cooler weather soon enough.

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Original Photo by Simone Elinor

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