Whoops! PN Erects Billboard With A Cringeworthy Spelling Mistake As Campaign Officially Begins

The billboard has since been put down


The Nationalist Party has been left red-faced after erecting a billboard with a spelling mistake on the first day of its campaign for the European Parliament and local council elections.

A billboard near the University reads ‘Il-ħajja tkompli tgħola għalik’ (The cost of living keeps on rising for you), with a spelling mistake in the word togħla.

A PN spokesperson confirmed that this billboard and another one with the same slogan has since been put down and that the correct version will be put up later on today.

"The spelling mistake doesn’t change the message: cost of living is at an all time high," he said.

The PN has officially commenced its campaign today, a campaign that Opposition leader Adrian Delia has pledged will focus on proposing solutions to everyday problems and will be free of hatred.

The Labour Party will officially kick off its campaign tomorrow in Tarxien with a political activity to mark the first day of its Annual General Conference.

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