6 Lifestyle And Food Concepts That I'd Die To See In Malta ASAP

Whose ass do I need to kiss to make these happen?

Things I Want To See

I moved to Malta three months ago and I am enjoying it... like, a lot. So before some of you scream 'Go back to your country', this list is by no means a criticism of the island, but just lifestyle/food concepts that I personally miss and would like to see on the island.

Judge me all you want. Or don't. Please.

1. Underground supper clubs / home restaurants

The concept is basic. Instead of dining at a restaurant, you dine at the home of an amateur chef!

This concept is huge in London and USA, and I know tons of people who started out as novice supperclub hosts and now have their own cookbooks and even opened their own restaurants.

It's more intimate, exclusive, you are dining on communal tables therefore it's really sociable (I've even made some friends through supper clubs I have attended) and it's just like one big civilised dinner party!

You pay a requested donation to the chef to support the purchases of things like ingredients, and it's honestly awesome. This would work wonders in a small island community like Malta.

2. Ballet productions

Why oh why can't we get proper ballet shows here?

I love regularly going to see a professional ballet show performed by either local or international ballet companies.

There are so many cultural things to do in Malta and seeing a ballet show should be one of them (and I'm not talking about live screening shows in the cinema).

3. Immersive theatre

Immersive theatre is one of the best experiences you will have. Malta you beauty, I know you already have some great examples, but I'd love to see more!

What is it? Immersive theatre is a show where the audience is involved in or part of the show (and no, this doesn't just mean annual panto). They're usually in the same space as the performers (who are rarely seated) and usually consists of several exceptionally designed rooms.

They're fun, they're trippy and bring that intimacy back to theatre. The best ones I've gone to have been from Punchdrunk (they do shows internationally, so fingers crossed they'll put Malta on their map)!

4. Private membership clubs

I don't mean pretentious posh nightclubs (where entry is approved by looks or bank account), but all-day private membership clubs you can lounge in, eat in, network and work in. Think the infamous Soho House or London's The Hospital Club.

These are usually exclusively for people working in the creative industry who can use the space in many ways. They have restaurants, bars, private meeting rooms, member events and lots of places to relax with a laptop. Some even have a pool and a private cinema!

You pay an annual membership fee and if membership is accepted, you can use all the facilities you want (plus you can invite a few friends). It's the perfect networking hub.

5. Nando's

Yes, I said it!

Nando's, the infamous South African peri peri chicken chain (infamous for their flame-grilled chicken and sauces) needs to come to Malta immediately... and I have no shame in saying this. Heck, even Prince Harry and William are fans!

Oh how I miss having two quarter leg chickens (extra hot) with a side of spicy peri peri rice. Don't get me started on the Nando's chicken livers (hot). For now, I have to buy their sauces online and do a bit of DIY in the kitchen.

Famed in the UK, Nando's is (surprisingly enough) also big in India, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Everyone loves a cheeky Nando's, and I'm sure Malta will too (locals and the many Brit expats here).

6. Proper traditional Mexican joints

I love Avotaco, do not get me wrong, but how can there only be one (or one main) Mexican joint on the island?

More importantly, I'd like to see a really authentic traditional Mexican restaurant with no-fuss street food tacos (for example carne asada) with homemade spicy sauces (using arbor and ancho chillies) enchiladas, tamales, the use of white Mexican cheese, tostadas, elotes. I could go on.

No tex mex dishes please (which means no fajitas, anything with shredded cheese or ground meat, chili carne carne or taco shells). Although I'll let fully loaded nachos slide!

Tag someone who'd love to see at least one of these things introduced in Malta!

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