The Latest Scandal To Rock The Salott, #TwisteesGate Is Real

Have we secretly been eating non-Maltese Twistees all along?

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A video posted in The Salott seems to have ruffled some feathers after many were left confused about the true identity of what's become our favourite national snack. Sure, we knew that there were lots of variations across the globe, but this seems to run a lot deeper.

The original post read "I thought Twistees Malta were originally Maltese... Can anyone confirm? The version in the video is 'Twisties' but looks so similar" and had the following video attached.

The comments that followed mostly consisted of people confused about who was the first to produce the snack, Twistees (the Maltese version) or Twisties (the Australian/Oceanian version). The rest were die hard supporters insisting that after having tried both, the Maltese version tastes better.

But is there really a difference between the two?

According to online sources, the Australian Twisties have been in circulation since 1950 (that's 67 years) while a comment on the above-mentioned post claims the Maltese Twistees have been doing the rounds for 40 years. So does that mean we copied them? Maybe. But there are some clear differences.

People who claim to taste a distinct difference aren't lying. The Australian Twisties are corn-based, while Malta's Twistees are rice-based. While that may put the flavour debate to bed, the research has presented another interesting (and frankly shocking) question.

Have we secretly been eating non-patriotic Twisties all along and not even noticed?

According to Wikipedia, "In New Zealand, Malta and Italy, Twisties are marketed under different names." This means that there are fake Twisties running around in new packaging with a different name, and we could have been munching on them all along.

Crix? Is it you?

Tell us which snack you think is the imposter Twisties

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