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‘A Candlelit Christmas, How Nice’: Malta Reacts To Second Frustrating Nationwide Power Cut In Under One Month

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Two days out from Christmas day and the last thing we need is a Monday morning nationwide power cut spelling the doom of our thawing turkey and resulting in Maltese mums freaking out because that’s it – lunch is ruined.

The Grinch has come and it’s in the form of another power cut. Yes, in the span of less than a month Malta has experienced two nationwide power cuts – and people really had feelings about it this time.


Having once again shown the world that Malta can sometimes resemble a third world country, it goes without saying that the internet spewed out a few reactions, ranging from frustrated to taking the piss…

…this is how Malta reacted to Powercut 2.0

1. Boiler number 7, the infamous faulty boiler at the Marsa power station that used to get the blame for all these powercuts, chirped up out of nowhere.

2. And those not on Christmas break were struggling to get any work done without any electricity this morning, with some just giving up and calling it a day.

3. Many pointed out just how ridiculous it is for Malta to experience power cuts in this day and age…

4. … with some doing so through political memes…

5. And others through some Malta-centric jokes.

6. By the time power had been restored, most of Malta had come to terms with what was and some even thanked the employees of Enemalta for their hard work just day two days before Christmas.

It looks like order has finally been restored and most of Malta is carrying on like nothing ever happened.

While a power cut is not ideal, we’re glad it happened today and not on Christmas day *touch wood*.

Tag someone who can live without WiFi.

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