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‘It Shouldn’t Matter Where I Come From’: Mother Who Pointed Out Malta’s Earring ‘Discrimination’ Responds To Backlash

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A mother who set off a chain reaction that might’ve just led to the Ministry of Education banning earrings for all students in Malta and Gozo has been taken aback by the reaction from some Maltese people.

“It’s now turning into a ‘foreigners go back to your own country’ view and that takes the entire story away in my humble opinion… It shouldn’t matter where I come from, but the points I was raising,” the mother told Lovin Malta.

The mother of two, who is from Northern Europe, has been called various names – including “that English bitch”, even though she isn’t English – and has been told to go back home, even though Malta is her home.
Pointing out that her daughter now has to remove her earrings as well, she had a message for parents who were attacking her for pointing out the rules.

This is the mother’s full response:

“This was never a world crisis. I advocated on behalf of my own children and others, as I have before when it comes to not heating up the classrooms so the students come home with frozen cold fingers whilst the head sits in a lovely heated office… EU law states temperatures most be over 18 degrees.

I’ve raised questions (especially since respect and discipline is so important for the schools) after children were called stupid, or told to shut up make them leave the classroom because a student scratched a leg due to a mosquito bite. Respect goes both ways and most also be earned.

I’ve raised concerns over uniforms and also the winter jacket, which I find to be of low quality as the students have complained it’s not doing the job it was meant for.

I have helped students when they reach out to me. I have so many heartbreaking letters from foreign students feeling mistreated due to the fact they come from a different country.

The latest research published this year showed that yes, they are discriminated by Maltese students telling them to ‘go back home to your own country’. I wonder who told them this?

It humours me as I’m now reading the comments from the crying mummies who crucified me for daring to voice an opinion.

They’re now saying and commenting things like: “Oh my little girl can’t express her self anymore, she’s only five and can’t take them out herself (that’s your job as a parent) I won’t obey this new rule, I couldn’t see much support from these mummies when it came to the boys?”

Well I’m sorry, I have a daughter too who now has to take her studs out and follow the new rules.

As for the Education Minister, I think he took the easy way out on this equality/gender debate.

I’ve never researched the statistics on studs causing a big volume of accidents. That said, we all know that for PE, the studs earrings have to come out or be taped over. But I do agree with the minister one on thing only: at least it is fair now, either all or none.

I would also like to thank everyone young and old AND teachers to believe it or not. To those who have sent messages, PM, flowers and or beautiful poems from students thanking me for speaking out.

I will continue to advocate for children’s rights and equality no matter how small, trivial or big the issue is and for does who know me personally. They know I will be keeping an eye on the schools to make sure they are implementing the new school rules.

And for those suggesting my son is a show-off or trouble maker or gay, I can only confirm: he’s a good student, helpful and his last house award was given for being so polite. He’s an athlete following a Maltese sports school program and he’s not gay… but even if he was, that would have been perfectly fine with me.

At last, I would like to say to those still stuck inside the cave: Please come out, it’s perfectly safe, welcome to 2019.”

Johnathan is an award-winning Maltese journalist interested in social justice, politics, minority issues, music and food. Follow him at @supreofficialmt on Instagram, and send him news, food and music stories at [email protected]

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