Malta's Parents and Teachers React to Upcoming Teacher Strike

All church and state schools will be affected

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The Malta Union of Teachers has directed all its members in church and state schools, as well as Mcast and ITS, to strike on Wednesday November 8th.

The MUT's president Marco Bonnici pointed out that the 5% increase in take home pay offered by the Education Ministry over five years was "an insult to even consider".

The MUT has declared a trade dispute after talks with the government broke down. 

Parents and teachers reacted to the news online. Some understood where the MUT were coming from and supported what they were planning to do.

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Some were skeptical of the government now trying to help the teachers after decades of pay stagnation.

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While others reacted negatively, blaming the MUT for incompetence in the rollout of the strike. 

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The strike is the culmination of 50 directives given by MUT to its members, and will be taking place all day on Wednesday the 8th November.

What is your opinion on the MUT strike? Is it unfair? Let us know in the comments below.

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