Outpour Of Rage And Sympathy For Brutally Tortured Dog Horace

Malta is up in arms

Floods of messages of anger and sympathy are pouring in on Facebook as reactions to the recent news' feature on Horace – a dog found brutally tortured. 

In heart-breaking video from Net News, a representative from the Abandoned Animals Association (AAA) speaks of Horace's extensive injuries. She describes how surgery had to be performed on his eye to remove it as it had burst due to his beatings, he was operated on his ear – which was confirmed by a vet to have been cut by machinery or scissors, his tail also had to be removed after it was severely mutilated, and lead pellets were found in the dog's x-rays indicated that he had been shot at several times. 

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Maltese social media users have had a strong reaction to the fate of the white boxer, with comments of rage and disbelief flooding in on Horace's story on Facebook.

Most expressed their horror at the actions of the perpetrators

Some were keen to get to the bottom of who did it

A call to action to Maltese society was felt strongly

And many took action by donating to the AAA 

Donate to the AAA now to help them to carry on giving care and love to animals like Horace. It will take you about a minute to do. 

Here's how:

Send a blank message to 5061 7350 to donate €2.33
Send a blank message to 5061 8060 to donate €4.66
Send a blank message to 5061 8910 to donate €6.99
Send a blank message to 5061 9200 to donate €11.65
More information about donating can be found on the AAA's Facebook page.

If you have any information about Horace and his former owner please email us at hello@lovinmalta.com. 

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