Valletta 2018 Chairman Throws Serious Shade At Ben Camille's New Reality TV Show

'Benjamin' hasn't even started yet and it's already drama galore

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For better or for worse, this week's most talked about story was the news that Ben Camille is getting his own reality TV show. Somewhat of a new concept in Malta, Benjamin will be airing on TVM this October, and already has most of the country talking, thirsting, or just flat out arguing. 

And guess who just joined the conversation? Valletta 2018's very own Chairman, Jason Micallef.

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In a comment published on Newsbook, Jason Micallef threw some serious shade at Ben Camille's new endeavour, calling it, "kummiedja li timmina dak kollu li hu mistenni mill-PBS" (a sham undermining everything that's expected from the Public Broadcasting Services). He continued by saying the country should not be expecting "idiocies copied from commercial American stations."

On Facebook, Micallef said it was such a shame that €4 million in annual subsidies from taxpayer money were being wasted on national broadcasting. And while people commented back saying this is a private production and will not be using a single cent of PBS funds, the V18 Chairman simply clapped back by suggesting they refrain from commenting, because they clearly don't know how national broadcasting works.

Newsbook reached out to PBS CEO John Bundy for a comment, who said Jason Micallef has every right to comments however he deems necessary. Bundy did however continue by saying he's expecting very positive results from this show, like previous programmes have before. 

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There are still a couple of months to go until Benjamin debuts on TVM, but it's already shaping up to be one of the most talked-about shows in Maltese history. In the meantime, y'all know us; we'll be watching closely as all of this unfurls, with a bucket of popcorn at the ready.

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