Brooke Borg Announces Official Name For Her Fans And Here's What Other Celebs Should Call Theirs

What's a fanbase without a cute name?

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Following her strong performance at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, singer Brooke Borg has continued to grow her fanbase across the island and internationally. So it was hardly a surprise when she finally announced the official name for her supporters, and this diva has christened them her 'pack of wolves'.

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The name comes from lyrics of her song's chorus, and so the pack of wolves become Malta's second titled supporters joining the ranks of Tamara Webb's #Queens. 

The concept of naming your fanbase was most likely started by the queen diva herself, Mariah Carey, when back in the 90s her fans started self-identifying as Lambs, the pet name Mariah's family called her back in the day.

But what could other Maltese celebs call their supporters?

1. Ben Camille's fanbase: The Ben Famille

A new fan: "I just saw the episode of Lovin Live where Ben ate a pig's eye, and he's so brave! I'm now officially part of the Ben Famille.'

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2. Peppi Azzopardi's fans: Xaramonks

Peppi: "Ix-Xaramonks tiegħi huma dedikati u ffukati, b'reverenza kbira għall-knisja.'

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3. Angie Laus' fans: Woodlice 

Angie: "Grazzi lis-supporters kollha tiegħi, speċjalment il-Woodlaus li għeni bil-karozza l-bieraħ.' 

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4. Ira Losco's fans: Soldiers

A fan: "I heard the chorus of her latest song and I felt like she was singing directly to me! I love being a soldier"

5. Eileen Montesin's fans: Beckys

Eileen: "Kemm jien eċitata biex narakom il-karnival. Dejjem tagħkom, Beckys."

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6. Christabelle Borg's fanbase: The Kingdom

A fan: "We're so happy she finally won, but true fans have been around since 2016."

BONUS: Chucky's Fans: Dragons

Get it - cos nerd culture and drag. We'll see ourselves out.

Which celeb fanbase are you a part of?

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