Gifts You're Definitely Going To Get This Christmas In Malta

Start crossing off the list


Whether it's because your loved ones have become extremely predictable or some gifts have just suddenly become super popular, you can gradually know what to expect for Christmas.

Whatever the case, there are a couple of presents that are prevalent enough in Malta for you to predict them one by one. Here are 12 gifts you or someone you know is definitely going to get this Christmas. The question is; will you get them all?

1. One4All Gift Vouchers

Will you actually get around to using it? Or will you just use it as a bookmark? You decide your own fate. 

2. A pack of Adidas hygiene products for men

How many of these do you have lying around the house? 

Screen Shot 2017 12 22 At 12 37 01

3. And a pack of Body Shop hygiene products for women

It just ain't Christmas in Malta unless the Body Shop logo is somewhere in the background.

Img 1311

White musk smells just like Christmas, if you try hard enough

4. The year's funny novelty item

Could it be the fidget spinner this year? Or a pack of vajazzles? Or maybe it's just a picture of Big Shaq. 

5. Panettone

Let's just get it out of the way. It's just bread guys, with like, some sugar on it. 

Panettone  Nicolettone 2017  Img 7085 31752542285

Panettone got some haters round here

6. Cold hard cash

Hey, at least you can't really complain about this one. 

7. Random warm clothes

Slippers, a Christmas jumper, pyjamas - this is the time to stock up on all your winter needs. 

8. If you're a kid, anything Hamleys

Just like going for a holiday to London, except not. 

9. A chocolate selection box

Possibly the best gift on this list. If it's Baci or Ferrero Rocher or Mon Cheri, it means they love you - anything else means you are dead to them. 


10. A book that you never mentioned 

"Oh wow nanna you got me the whole Fifty Shades book collection, in 2017, napprezza ħafna nan inħobbok."

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 At 23 12 55

11. A random re-gifted item

Maybe it's a toaster; maybe it's a blender. Maybe you need it, maybe you don't. 

BONUS: Socks

To be perfectly honest, you can wait for Christmas every year just to restock on socks. If you are actually buying socks throughout the year, you're doing it wrong.

Tag a friend who probably bought you one of these gifts.

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