Reddit Users Summarised Nations' Histories In One Sentence And Malta's Is Hilarious

The tl;dr version of 7,000 years worth of turbulence

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A post on Reddit asking users to share an extremely brief version of their country's history last week quickly got over 18,000 comments, and Malta made a hilarious appearance.

A tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has an extremely long (and even more turbulent) history spanning 7,000 years, with an endless list of invaders who all left their mark on the strategically placed rock. Maltese students get years worth of history lessons, and most of them barely scratch the surface. So you can imagine how difficult it gets to summarise such a long history in a couple of words.

Here are some of the funniest replies from European countries, including of course our very own Malta.

1. Spain

2. France

3. Estonia

4. United Kingdom

5. Iceland

6. Italy

7. Austria

8. Malta

How would you describe Malta's history in as little words as possible?

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