NSFW: The Official Ranking Of Daniel Dean Kingswell's 11 Funniest Videos

Ara dawn Ġian!

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By now, Daniel Dean Kingswell ("Tal-Videos") has become the stuff of Maltese internet legends. With over 50 videos and nearly a million YouTube views in total – he's pretty much in Malta's online celebrity hall of fame. 

We've taken up the challenge of rating his 11 funniest videos, so here goes. Needless to say, all these videos are basically NSFW.

11. The Angriest Bird in the world

Short, sweet, and absolutely hilarious. The original version of this video had already been doing the rounds online in early 2016, but when the DDK version appeared a couple of days later, they both exploded online in Malta. 

Favourite Moment: 
The angry parrot bobbing its head and shouting "Stenna, stenna, stenna, stenna, stenna, STENNA!"

10. Joseph Calleja + Air Malta + Kingswell = Beauty

A match made in heaven. A perhaps more realistic look at what would actually happen if a couple of random Maltese people starting singing on a plane.

Favourite Moment: 
"Ħalli n-nies bi kwiethom fuq il-fuckin ajruplan!" Preach Kingswell, preach.

9. Gangster Rużarju

Typical DKK doing what he does best; great quick edits of popular Maltese memes with a very healthy portion of swearing – all mixed to a hardcore hip hop beat.

Favourite Moment: 
Superimposed footage of Peppi Azzopardi losing his shit over a bar of chocolate in slow-mo.

8. Konrad Mizzi doesn't like The Beach Boys

The exclusive interview in front of Castille with Konrad Mizzi post-Panama scandal was, of course, given the full DDK treatment. Kingswell manages to mix The Beach Boys, Joe Demicoli and a hilarious Mizzi impersonation.

Favourite Moment: 
"Fejn sejjer? Ħa tmur tagħmel account ieħor jew? Ħa tagħmel bank account ieħor Johnny?!"

7. Malta's Rap God

One of Malta's most notorious sayings, the "Move back please!" that so many bus drivers love to repeat is taken to new heights with this Maltese cover of Eminem's The Realy Slim Shady. Taking down anything from Pokemon Go, Valletta Perfs, and old people.

Favourite Moment: 
"Irrid inħokk il-bajd, irrid inħokk il-bajd, iżda ma nistax għax hemm xi soru tħarisli fil-għajn."

6. Pappagall Tiegħek (Madonna No)

One of Kingswell's earliest remixes that went viral. From Franco Debono to Norman Lowell and everyone in between – still one of the best edits to date. 

Favourite Moment: 
A still of "Mintoff Cena (WWE Labour Manager)" at the very end of the video, with the quote "You can't Labour, my Gonzi is now" plastered all over.

5. "Introducing l-EZ fucking Cracker"

DDK has a whole series of parodies of the EZ products, but the first one was arguably his best. The footage already looks ridiculous and hilarious if you put it on mute, but with Kingswell's commentary, shit gets real in seconds. 

Favourite Moment: 
"Jaqq xeba yellow shit!

4. Starting 2017 with a hilarious bang

Released in the first week of 2017, he first seconds of this video open with Konrad Mizzi finding a PornHub video entitled "Hot Mature Minister Fucks 500,000 People At Once", only to click it and find his own profile. It only gets better and better with every passing joke, as Kingswell returns with his Mizzi impersonation to tear the Energy Minister's shiny HD message a new one.

Favourite Moment: 
"AERIAL FOOTAGE TA' MALTA! How nice, ara kemm jien cool! Ara dawn il-cranes!" 

3. Malta's National Anthem needs an update

Taking the music from T.I.'s Where They At Doe, a song that ended up a meme in itself, Kingswell's Maltese viral videos mixed to a hip hop made a grand comeback with this masterpiece. Currently sitting at the number one most viewed spot on his channel, this video has gathered nearly 60,000 views alone.

Favourite Moment: 
The opening seconds' random zoom onto Hector Bruno's crotch, while the dramatic AF hip hop intro blares on

2. Il-fuckin' Coast Road

This will never not be funny. Transport Malta's admittedly overly-dramatic 
reveal of the new Coast Road in 2016 just had to get the DDK treatment, and he definitely doesn't disappoint. 

Favourite Moment: 
Randomly pointing at a bush on the side of the Coast Road and going, "Qed taraha dik is-siġra hemmhekk? Dik is-siġra favorita tiegħi f'Malta!"

1. The ones that started it all

To this very day, a lot of people who meet Kingswell in the street ask him whether he's "the Dun Benit guy", and it's pretty easy to see why.

The original videos gathered tens of thousands of views before DDK ended up having to delete it from his channel due to what he famously calls "xeba hassle", but they've since then been re-uploaded in one compilation by other Maltese satirical channels like Haiku Malta and has regathered more than 35,000 views.

Favourite Moment: 
Too many to try and single out. So many moments from this 13 minute compilation ended up becoming both DDK and his fans' catchphrases. "Ħillostja din Ġian!", "Xaaaaaalażobbi" and "Take it breathe, ejja", are still randomly heard all over the island.

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