This Post About Pastizzi Is Everything That's Wrong With The Nationalist Party

Put the te fit-tazza down

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Malta was this week gifted by a historic summit of EU leaders and a sex scandal. But as is traditional on a Sunday morning, it's pastizzi that's remained on everyone's lips. 

And that's because of a Facebook post by the PN president Ann Fenech this morning demonstrating everything that's wrong with her party. She was lashing out at the fact that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat yesterday took three other prime ministers out to Is-Serkin, Malta's most famous pastizzi shop. 

"Why our Prime Minister and his wife should take the Prime Ministers of Luxembourg, Slovenia and Belgium for tea in a glass and a pastizz on a paper napkin in a room with bathroom tiles is beyond me," Fenech scoffed, adding that other venues for typical Maltese food would have not been "so common and crude". 

"Clearly they don't know any better and there is nobody in their employ to advise them. It's painful," she concluded.

In response to a barrage of negative comments, she went a step further.

"I was born and raised in a tiny village called Qrendi where my father was the village doctor in the 1960's and had the privilege of living with people I consider the salt of the earth who adore me to this day," she said.

"When my father was Speaker of the house in 1967 and they would entertain the Admiral of the fleet, the very first members of the diplomatic corps, the Governor general and the entire lot at home in Qrendi, my mother never served Tazzez tat-Te u Pastizzi."

Needless to say, people lost their shit.  Here's a quick recap of the main comments out there.

1. The did-you-even-see-Merkel reaction

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2. The please-stick-to-the-message reaction

3. The now-I-remember-why-I-voted-Labour reaction

4. The damn-you're-out-of-touch reaction

5. The remember-those-36,000-votes reaction

6. The what-happened-to-the-Salvu-strategy reaction

7. The are-you-actually-dissing-pastizzi reaction

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Chris Peregin