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Ian The Green Hero And PN’s Satirical Station: 6 Hilarious Social Media Awards Nominations You Actually Submitted

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Damn. The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards are back, and with them, over 100 nominees of artists, celebs, musicians and organisations that dominated the islands’ feeds in the past year.

Considering who gets nominated was yet again up to you, we were expecting a couple of random suggestions coming out of left-field… but still couldn’t expect the sheer amount of some of them.

Without further ado, here are some of the most hilarious nominations our readers submitted for the 2021 Social Media Awards which we lowkey wish would’ve made to the final selection. Buckle up.

1. Minister Ian Borg got a bunch of nominations for Best Green Initiative

Trust a sarcastic island with a dark sense of humour like Malta to have a divisive Infrastructure Minister currently leading a massive national urbanisation effort to be the first person they think of when it comes to green initiatives.

And hey – we genuinely thought you guys were serious at first and were trying to see the real value of those small roadside plants and that Marsa-Ħamrun bypass vertical garden that turned brown within weeks – until we read your comments.

“King of the Roads, King of the Seas, King of the Skies, King of the GREENS!” one suggestion read, oozing sarcasm from every comma.

“I’m pretty sure he dreams of trees,” another read. “Granted, they’re nightmares, but whatever.” Oooof.

2. Best Use of Satire? Yeah, you thought of one

With news coming at us hard and fast, this last year was as surreal as they get.

From global pandemics to political scandals and everything in between, it was genuinely hard to distinguish reality and fiction on a number of occasions.

But even then, we weren’t expecting so many of you to look at the Best Use of Satire category and nominate ONE News, the governing Labour Party’s station.

And I don’t care what you think and believe in – that’s got to sting.

3. ONE wasn’t alone though, and the other side of the aisle soon joined in on the fun

If you were reading through the last point and had already started rage-typing “WeLL wHaT AbOuT N-“, don’t worry – the Nationalist Party’s PN was also nominated.

A bunch of times at that.

4. Best in Fitness? Well, how many bodybuilding prime ministers do you know?

A masterclass of staying fit and being known by the entire country?

I don’t know man, I can see where all the nominations Robert Abela got are coming from…

5. Best Eatery was always going to be a hard-fought category… but it’s quite impressive when an eatery that doesn’t even exist gets a couple of nominations

“Bernard’s Greek Cuisine”?

We see what you did there.

6. Someone loves Eileen Montesin so much, they nominated her in every single category and somehow managed to justify it

OK, so categories like Best TV / Radio Host and Best Overall Content Creator, we get.

Hell, we even kind of get Best Foodporn, considering all the weekend posts Eileen gives us about her favourite traditional treats and family dishes.

But Best Pet? Best Business Innovation? Best Illustrator?

Well, Eileen’s anonymous #1 fan had a very succinct reply: “I’m sorry but she’s a queen and an icon and she deserves every award. Besides, let’s not pretend like she wouldn’t be able to easily win this category the second she tried.”


What do you make of these nominations? What others would you have submitted? Sound off in the comments below and check out the actual nominees for every category here!

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