7 Ideas For The Ultimate Boys' Activities In Malta

Boys will be boys

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With the combined stresses of work, relationships and life as a general concept, we often find ourselves spending less and less time with our friends. Everyone understands that this is part of growing up, but it doesn't have to be. It's important to make time for your friends, and here are a couple of ideas to make that time as memorable as possible.

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1. Tyres and Tents

Going on adventures with your friends will leave longer-lasting memories than the boozy haze you're normally left with after Paceville. Rent a couple of quad bikes for you and your buddies, hit up some of Malta's hillier locations (or better yet, take your adventuring to Gozo); enjoy the sights and the adrenaline. When it gets dark set up your tents for the evening, light a fire and trade stories over a glass of whiskey or two.

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2. Lads-only Luzzu

Rent a boat for the night, and start your evening with some boat-boozing before cracking out the speaker and having one hell of a floating party. As sunrise approaches park somewhere quiet, enjoy the views and maybe do a little bit of fishing (you could always place bets on who'll land the biggest catch).

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3. Gamers Glory

It's been a while since you've all had the time to sit down and game together. Have everyone bring over their gaming rig, set up shop with a good supply of snacks and beer, and shoot the night away. If your friends aren't gamers, you could always make it a throwback event by digging up your old RISK board.

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4. Kazin and Karaoke

This one's pretty simple - hit up your local kazin (or travel to your favourite). Settle in with a nice bottle of house wine or draught beer and catch up with your friends. A few glasses (or pints) in the inspiration will hit, and you'll nail that Titanic song like it's never been nailed before.

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5. Refined Refreshments

If you're looking for a change of pace, have all your friends suit up and head to a classier establishment than the bars you're used to frequenting. Book a table at a fancy wine bar, or a whiskey place, order a couple of fancy sides and talk about stocks (you can even throw in a cigar or two if you want to go that extra mile).


7. Boys, Booze and Beef

There's nothing quite like a steak that you've cooked yourself. Bring out the plastic furniture, set up the fjakkoli and spend the night huddled around the BBQ arguing about how to cook the meet (while going through beer like there's no tomorrow).


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