7 Of Malta's Best-Loved Power Couples

Together they're unstoppable


All the best things come as a pair – Kinder Beuno, boobs, imqaret (who the hell just buys one?). Same goes for human beings. 

Here's some of Malta's best loved power couples:

1. Moira Palmier & Francesca Fenech Conti

This friendship power couple basically owns the Facebook game in Malta with tens of thousands of followers on their Are You Being Served? and The Salott pages. There is no room for discussion. Thread closed!

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Photo: Jonathan Borg / First Magazine

2. Tommy Diacono & Nicholas Diacono

These brothers really mean business – and burgers. Their hugely popular chain New York Best is one of the main reasons Malta has been launched into a intense burger-fetish in recent years. Their next food venture – Fat Louie's – already has us drenched in meat sweats.

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3. Kelsey May Connor & Andrei Xerri

This is the couple we wish we could hate for being so beautiful, but we can't because they're also super talented and cute. Both models and artists, they make life look amazing both through their intricate sketches, and their selfies. 


4. Charles & Ron

The definition of Malta's fashion royalty, Charles and Ron have defined haute couture on the islands while rocking the bald is beautiful look like no other couple could.  

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5. Roberta Metsola & Miriam Dalli

Representing Malta as our youngest (read hottest) MEPs – they've both receive endless awards, and despite being on different party lines both locally and internationally they still work amazingly well together. Just watch their combined charm during our interview with them earlier this year. 

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6. Stevie & Jordan Camilleri

Undoubtedly the fittest (in every sense of the word) siblings in Malta, Stevie and Jordan Camilleri have everything a power couple should have: looks, talent and an unshakable bond. Together they have helped changed the face of Maltese water polo. 


7. Ira Losco & Sean Gravina

Power couple? They basically invented the term.

Bonus: Te fit-tazza u pastizz

There really is no combo that reaches the same level of 'hit-the-spot' as this one. Te fit-tazza brings the cosy, pastizz brings the cholesterol. A power couple if ever there was one.

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