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7 Of Our Favourite Maltese Superstar Moments In 2018

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Superstars in the 21st century can be born in the most unique and ways imaginable. Sometimes, all it takes is a grainy video shot on a phone to catapult you to nationwide popularity. Other times, it takes a selfless act that goes viral. Whatever it is, though, Malta sure has its fair share of 2018 superstars.

Looking back at this very eventful year, here are seven of our favourite Maltese superstar moments from 2018.

1. That time an 18-year-old girl stole the hearts of an entire nation

Emma Muscat went from a Maltese teenager with a dream to an Italian household name in just a couple of months.

The young starlet shot to fame earlier this year when she impressed Italian audiences on the popular talent show Amici on a weekly basis. Muscat made it all the way to the semi-finals of the show, and even though she was eliminated in the final moments of the long-running competition, ended up becoming a superstar in her own right.

A deal with Warner Music Italy and hundreds of thousands of supporters later, it’s very difficult to meet someone who hasn’t heard of Emma Muscat before. And with her latest huge collaborations, it’s bound to get even better for the Maltese teenager in 2019.

2. A mesmerising X Factor Malta audition goes viral worldwide

Michela Pace’s X Factor Malta audition earlier last month brought Malta’s very own superstar Ira Losco to tears.

The young Gozitan’s powerful rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s classic Total Eclipse of the Heart earned her four yeses from the judges, and soon enough, her audition was going viral via X Factor Global’s Facebook page.

Now sitting on over three and a half million views, Michela’s audition is proof that sometimes, all you need is one big break. We have yet to find out whether Michela will make it to the very end of Malta’s first ever edition of the X Factor, but the future is bright for this very young and talented singer.

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3. The Mosta bus stop dancer who taught us all the importance of letting go and being yourself

300,000 views for a video shot in a country of 400,000 people is very impressive… especially when the video is a quick 30 second clip shot from inside a car.

Sergio Laferla definitely justified each and every view though, thanks to a video of him that appeared online last month. Breaking the morning boredom by busting some killer moves on the Mosta pjazza bus stop, Sergio made the whole country smile while teaching us a very important lesson.

“I simply wanted to express myself and bring some joy on the streets,” Sergio had told Lovin Malta. “Everyone is able to dance and move around, and only their mind is stopping them from doing so! Everyone wants to let loose. So let loose!”

“Any wrong intention or act of hate should be admitted and removed from your system,” Sergio continued. “I’ve learned that owning up to my own mistakes freed me to be myself, for I do not seek approval anymore. Love freely. Love much. And love yourself first and foremost – the rest will follow.”

How about that for an important lesson?

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4. Malta’s top influencer hits an incredible milestone

You know how special you felt when you hit 1,000 followers on Instagram? Just casually multiple that by 100, and you’ll know what it feels like to be a fully-fledged influencer.

Young model and social media powerhouse Sara Zerafa reached an awesome milestone earlier this year by breaking the 100,000 follower target on Instagram, instantly becoming one of the most followed people on the entire island.

Within five days after the big announcement, the young influencer had only gone and casually gathered nearly 10,000 more followers. Talk about superstars!

5. From Eurovision to superstar wedding

Against all odds, the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal wasn’t even Christabelle Borg’s highlight this year.

As summer came to an end, the popular Maltese singer took things up a notch by tying the knot with her long-time lover waterpolo star Jordan Camilleri.

After an official wedding ceremony at the Mdina Cathedral, the bride and groom let their hair down at a reception at the Westin Dragonara Resort featuring literally everyone. From reality TV star Ben Camille, and Insta-influencer Tamara Webb to TVM journalist Keith Demicoli, and a long list of former Eurosong were all spotted mingling with the crowd of over 2,000 people.

How’s that for a superstar wedding?

6. The ingenious Maltese dad who taught the world how to stop babies from crying

The sound of crying babies can quickly dominate your daily life as a parent, and can easily drive even the calmest of us insane. But one Maltese dad’s ingenious hack captured the imagination of parents worldwide.

Steve Zammit Briffa was crowned DIY Dad of the Year when a video of him calmly throat singing at his crying two-week old son went viral. Seconds after the deep singing starts, the little baby calms down and stops crying… and before long actually begins to fall asleep.

Within days, international media had picked up on Steve’s extraordinary talent, and he eventually even made it everything from Jukin Media to the Daily Mail.

7. Our very own Chucky Bartolo sold out Malta’s first drag standup show

Tolqueen is the new queen on the block, and she’s come in all guns blazing.

Chucky’s debut one-woman show debuted earlier this month to two sold-out nights of fabulously brutal jokes, with One Sweaty Lady announcing a return by popular demand.

With some of Malta’s biggest celebrities attending the sold-out performances (and getting hilariously torn apart), that’s how you pull of a proper superstar debut!

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