7 Reasons Unplanned Nights Are The Best Nights Out In Malta

Who needs organised fun anyway?


Your fluffy slippers are on, your Netflix is fired up, and the aroma of microwave popcorn fills the air. Then it happens – Whats App message. 

"Tgħid we go out tonight?"

"U le, I want a quiet one."

"Uh no just for one drink. It's raining – there won't even be anyone out."

You reluctantly agree. And then BOOM – the best night of your life ensues. 

Here's why:

1. You miraculously always look amazing

Somehow despite having only five seconds to get ready in, the gods of hair and make-up smile upon you and you leave your house looking fresh AF.

2 Get Ready For The Night

2. Pre-drinks times are the best times

You slip in a bottle to your bag just to warm you up on the walk from the carpark to the club, but it quickly turns into the funniest walk of your life.

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3. That one drink – turns into a whole lot more

Before you know it you and your friends are having the best banter of your lives.

Giphy 1

4. You're never trying to pull

You didn't spend three hours thinking of what you're going to say to Sarah/Jason when you bump into them, so you can dance your heart out at Havanna without a care in the world.

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5. Before you know it some one calls 'shots'

Guaranteed hilarity follows. 


6. You embrace adventure

Bumping cars in Buġibba? Yes. Late-night pastizzi binge at is-Serkin? Yes. Skinny dipping? Depends on what month it is, but – yes!

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7. There's that amazing 'out of the blue' moment 

Whether it's bumping into an old friend you've really missed, or the DJ whipping out an awesome throwback tune, unplanned nights out always deliver a random gem.

Emma Stone Amanda Bynes Scream

8. It always ends with a slogan

Someone at some point spits out an inebriated bit of gold and it becomes your friends' go-to drunken phrase for the rest of the year (much to the disdain of anyone who wasn't there on that night and has no idea WTF it means).

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BONUS: Selfies.

So many selfies.

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Ann Dingli

Ann Dingli writes mostly about art and design. She enjoys friendly debates and has accepted that she's a small person.