7 Reasons Why Your Office In Malta Needs More Plants

The Lovin Malta HQ got a green makeover to kick off the new year and we're totally lovin it

Lovin Malta

We filled our Lovin Malta headquarters with a plant invasion, and the place now looks way more vibrant and warm.

When we first got the plants, we were sure we would end up killing them. But we surprised ourselves, we're all pretty good plant parents. We also realised that they don't just decorate the workspace, but they also influence our mood in a good way.

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Here are some of the things we've learnt from spending the majority of our days surrounded by green.

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1. Start reducing stress in a natural way

Let's be honest - plants are super chill and calming. Find a quiet corner, grab a plant, and get lost in the green whenever things get a bit too hectic.

2. And begin levelling up your Feng Shui game

Adding lush greenery to your office space instantly makes it feel more alive and, at least according to ancient Chinese philosophy, will harmonise your office's energies- just what you need on a Monday morning.

3. Let the plants beautify your surroundings

Aesthetically pleasing, being surrounded green plants is enough to make anyone feel happier, more productive and more comfortable in any environment.

4. And begin enjoying all the fresh air

One of the most awesome aspects of filling your office up with plants is all the fresh air that you'll suddenly be surrounded by.

You give them some carbon dioxide, they give you some oxygen. Everyone wins!

5. Plants bring that warm, homely vibe

It’s great for your clients to feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. As soon as you start filling pots with plants around the office, the place looks warmer and more welcoming immediately.

6. And they’re a great conversation starter

You bump into Mark from Accounts who you’ve got nothing in common with. But now you’ve got a plant, and plants make people happy: water cooler talk crisis averted.

7. Best of all, come December, you can dress them all up like mini Christmas trees

Get your favourite potted plant and turn it into the coolest little Christmas tree this side of Mosta - perfect for the holidays and boosting team morale!

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Green Supplier is the leading supplier of flowers and plants and lend their expertise in growing and settling plants to landscaping solutions, even for office spaces through their plant leasing scheme.

Company offices will be able to purchase plants for a wholesale price with Green Supplier maintenance agreement, meaning that any unhealthy plants (and dead ones too) will be replaced immediately without any extra cost.

So whether you've got a green thumb or you're a green, mean plant-killing machine, there’s no excuse to not plantify your offices.

Tag a friend who needs to give their offices some green love today!

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