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3 Energy-Saving Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing An AC System In Malta

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Buying your first home or moving into a brand new office? Malta’s summers being what they are, air conditioners are hardly a luxury but more of an essential, which you’re probably going to want installed as soon as possible.

However, actually choosing one isn’t as easy as it sounds… they all look quite similar after all but when purchasing one, you’re going to want to be armed with more knowledge than simply a desire to cool your place down.

So how can you be so sure which AC is the right fit for you?

1. The first step is choosing which type of AC system you want – and it’s usually going to be either a VRF or a split system.

VRF System

  • A VRF (short for variable refrigerant flow) is a high capacity AC that makes use of refrigerants and which usually consists of an outdoor unit connected by piping to several indoor units.
  • Units operate independently of each other, meaning their temperature can be altered separately and if one of them encounters problems, the others will continue functioning normally.
  • Although such units are traditionally used for entire blocks of apartments and commercial buildings such as hotels and offices, they’ve become increasingly popular among residential homes due to their superior energy efficiency.
VRF AC System

VRF AC System

Split System

  • Alternatively, you can go for a split system, the most popular option for domestic households, named as such because they consist of inner and outer components connected by piping and electric cable.
  • Split systems include wall-mounted ACs, the simplest type of machine which can be installed on a wall to condition a single room.
  • If you have a particularly large space, you might want to go for a duct-type AC, which makes use of ducts to transport air through your home.

Multi-Split System

  • If you want to condition multiple rooms at once, you might want to consider a multi-split system, which is similar to VRFs – one outdoor unit can be connected to up to eight indoor units.
  • This system is also ideal for limited outdoor space since the outdoor unit is compact and can be installed in smaller spaces.
A multi-split system

A multi-split system

2. The next step is deciding which ‘BTU rating’ is right for your space.

Standing for ‘British Thermal Units’, a BTU rating effectively measures an AC’s capacity – if it’s too low it will take longer to properly condition a room but if it’s too high it will keep switching on and off, which will waste a lot of energy and lead to higher electricity bills.

While the size of the room is important in determining which BTU rating is right for you, other factors also come into play – such as how many people tend to use the room and whether it has other insulation measures in place. A professional will be able to guide you here.

3. Finally, you’ll need to decide which brand of AC to purchase.

You’re obviously going to look at the price but there are other factors to take into consideration before determining whether a brand is reliable and trustworthy –  things like customer reviews, brand history, and perhaps most crucially, whether it is Euro-vent certified (a European mark of approval that means the machine has maximum energy-efficiency)

One of the top brands in the game is undoubtedly the Japanese giant Fujitsu, whose ACs have won multiple international awards, including the recent Red Dot Award 2021, a German design award.

You can order them through Able Company Ltd, the sole importer of Fujitsu ACs on the island. Fujitsu ACs come in all shapes and sizes, from VRFs to split systems, and their BTU ratings go all the way up to 36,000 for wall-mounted units and as high as 90,000 for other types of split units.

Able has recently rolled out two brand new top-quality AC split unit models just in time for summer.

The Nocria-X comes with innovative features such as dual side fans to keep the warm air from rising, improved air circulation, and self-cleaning filters which automatically trap dust and fine particles. 

And the KE designer unit not only has an extremely slick design but has high efficiency and energy-saving features and can be controlled using smart devices.

Apart from supplying Eurovent certified and award-winning Fujitsu air conditioners, Able’s aftersales service includes warranties and long-term maintenance so you can rest assured that your ACs are well taken care of.

Contact Able Ltd on 21420534 / 99902229 or [email protected] or click here to get a quote.

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