6 Apps Every University Of Malta Student Wishes Existed

Seriously - any programmers out there want to get on it?


The start of a new year at Uni means new lectures, new lessons, new friends... and a lot of old stresses. In an age where you can (and should be able to) do most things on your phone, it's a pity many of these issues don't have simple solutions ready programmed for use.

Here are some of our suggestions:


1. Mutual frees calculator

Working title: PlsTħallinixWaħdiQuad

Unless you're lucky enough to have all your friends in the same course, finding time to meet up and try convince each other that your lecturer is the worst by miles can be a challenge. This app would allow members to input their timetable and highlight when one or more of you have mutual frees.

Phone Friends

2. 'Is there an empty desk in the library?'

Working title: U.O.M (U On My Desk)

It might not be needed from day one, but with every week that passes, exams creep ever closer... and desk space drops exponentially. Premium members can even have an option to evaluate decibel levels in the library.


3. Will my lecturer bother coming in today?

Working title: eSicks

Sure, at the start of every year they promise you that if your lecturer cannot make it you'll get an email informing you beforehand. But how many times have you sat in an empty hall, waiting to be educated, only to find an email 10 minutes after the lecture was supposed to begin cancelling said lecture.

This one may require a bit of divine intervention, over and above the technical programming.


4. Cat Detector

Working title: ĠiġiForever

With the sad news that UoM's pudgy, ginger baby is no longer with us (dead, not emigrated) it's time for us to embrace the many other cats at Uni as our own. Scan their tabby fur like a barcode and watch as the app pulls up all the information you need... from their name, to the time you're allowed to scratch their belly before they claw you.


5. Where should I eat?

Working Title: XebaĠuħ

An app that calculates what you should eat, and where you should go based on specific parameters set by the student. Are you rushed cause you're pretending you're in the bathroom? Did you swear you were going to start your diet this week? Do you need somewhere with good coffee cause you have a double lecture coming up? All these criteria and more will be crunched, processed and spat out with the perfect place for you to grab a bite.


6. Parking Detector

Working title: Can I f*ckin park today?

Everyone knows that parking at Uni is an absolute disaster. There is no worse feeling than doing the drive around campus, getting stuck on the ring road, and ending up parked in Birkirkara at 10:00 am for your 8:00 am lecture... and then walking past an empty space on your way to class. 

This app would tell you which parking spaces are free, notify you when someone is leaving, play soothing music when the car in front of you gets the place you were eyeing, and over time gather enough data to have graphs predicting peak times and parking oases. #LivingTheDream


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