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Are You A Superstar? Here’s How One Of Malta’s Most Popular Games Works 

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Around 19 months ago, a Swieqi resident became a millionaire overnight, guessing the right numbers and taking home a cool €1.62 million.

It was the largest jackpot victory in Maltco Lotteries’ history and the first time someone won, the lottery company’s newest game of chance.

Now the game is back with a bang and the jackpot is fast approaching €1 million again. No one knows where, when, or who, but someone, somewhere, will win it someday and there’s every chance it could be you.

So how does SUPERSTAR work?

It’s seriously straightforward.

All you need to do is choose five numbers between 1 and 35, but also a ‘SUPERSTAR’ number between 1 and 7. Seeing as there’s a one in seven chance that your SUPERSTAR number is correct, you can opt to submit seven coupons, all with the same five numbers but a different SUPERSTAR number.

That way, you’ll win the jackpot so long as your five numbers are correct.

You can purchase and submit your tickets from one of several Maltco outlets around the island or play it online by registering for a free account, with draws announced every Friday.

What prizes are on offer?

Obviously, the ultimate jackpot goes to the person who correctly guesses all the numbers, just like the Swieqi resident did.

However, there are six other winning categories too – including guessing all five ‘normal’ numbers but not the SUPERSTAR number, guessing four numbers and the SUPERSTAR number correctly etc.

The full list of winning categories, can be seen below.

So why take part in SUPERSTAR?

“For me, SUPERSTAR is not just any lottery game, but a game full of energy, it symbolizes independence and freedom. It also signals that the weekend has started, since the draw is every Friday”, Maltco Lotteries’ Number Games Marketing Executive Nicole Baldacchino, explains to Lovin Malta.

Besides the prospects of winning the jackpot, the game is also an excuse to invite friends over on a Friday night, COVID-19 restrictions permitting obviously. 

“Inspiration is the appropriate motivation space for SUPERSTAR,” Maltco’s marketing executive said. “Everyone can feel inspired by this game to continue being a shining star in their own way.”

Tag someone who thinks they are a SUPERSTAR! 

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