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Get Your IKEA Fix And A Chance To Win The Latest Gaming Console In Malta

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10 years ago giving your home a brand new look used to mean running around dozens of different furniture shops. Thanks to the internet and Maltashopper, these days are long gone. Turning your dream kitchen into your actual kitchen is as easy as adding to your cart!

Providing you with the best brands from the comfort of your home – Maltashopper carries a whole host of brands for you to pick from. 

Starting their journey back in 2011, Maltashopper grew from a sapling of an idea into one of the biggest IKEA personal shoppers on our island.

Looking for simple yet elegant furniture to revamp your home with? Have a look at Maltashopper’s vast range of products just waiting to be explored via their website.

From grand bookcases to the perfect finishing touches – they’ve got it all.

Black Friday is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to do up your home for less. With so many special offers, and home delivery and assembly, you literally just need to pick what you like.

Browse through the selection of items available, add what you envision in your home to your cart, and bring your Pinterest board to life.

You can also go up to Sicily, choose what you like, and Maltashopper will transport your shopping home for you – 100% hassle-free. 

To celebrate Black Friday and make shopping even more worth it, Maltashopper has come up with a one-of-a-kind competition you definitely do not want to miss. Decorating your home has never come with an opportunity this great so, are you ready to play? 

Get a chance of winning a brand new Sony Playstation 5 or Xbox ONE X when you spend €100 or more at Maltashopper. 

Upgrade your home with brands like IKEA, and many more just before you start inviting everyone over for your Christmas parties and you just might win.

All orders reaching a minimum spend of €100 placed between the 24th and 29th November will be given a ticket for this draw. 

Participants can hold more than one ticket for the raffle. All you need to do is spend €100 at Maltashopper’s online outlet and you’ll keep getting chances at winning the gaming console of your dreams. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to enter whilst also residing in Malta.

The super fortunate winner will be announced on Tuesday the 30th November, helping the lucky customer start off their week right. 

Finding, loving, and buying it has never come with a better-added bonus on top. Browse, select, and shop whilst also giving yourself the gift of possibly winning a new gaming console. Even if you don’t play video games, someone in your life will surely appreciate this.

Tag someone who’s re-doing their home! 

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We source a range of items that are not directly available to Malta from Maisons Du Monde, Bricoman and other Swedish furniture manufacturers. Just place your order directly with us at www.maltashopper.com and have them delivered to your door.
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