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8 Maltese Supermarkets Have Joined Forces To Create One New Mega Brand

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Everyone knows about the Park Towers, Valyou, Tower and Trolee’s supermarkets which have decorated every area of the Maltese Islands over these past few years. These four giant supermarkets have joined forces at the beginning of 2021 to be able to deliver the best shopping experience for each of their customers. 

As a result of this merger, they are all going to be re-branding and will now be known as Welbee’s

All of the Welbee outlets will still have the same heart and soul which is synonymous with the previous names. This whole journey started with the opening of Tower’s first outlet at Tower Road, Sliema, 75 years ago. Almost a century has passed since then, so it was about time that these brands shook some things up. 

Where are all the new Welbee’s found? 

Wherever there was a Park Tower, Valyou, Trolee’s or Tower supermarket, you’ll find a brand new Welbee’s outlet in its place. This means that you can check out Welbee’s at their eight different locations scattered across the island. You can find a Welbee’s at Sliema, Paceville, St.Venera, Balluta, Naxxar, Spinola, Qawra, and Mellieha. No matter which location you visit first, you can count on the Welbee’s promise.

Will the products available change? 

Everything you are used to seeing at the supermarkets will still be available under the new Welbee’s brand. Chris Borg, one of the 7 co-director’s of Welbee’s notes that they “have reduced prices which the customer will benefit through massive price drops.” If these price drops have got you worried about the quality of the products, fear not as Chris also noted that these drops “will not happen at the expense of [their] decades-long promise of customer service.”

Will I no longer see my favourite cashier when I’m doing my shopping? 

Although the name is changing, the heart and soul of each supermarket will still be preserved. That feeling of home and community will still be at the very core of Welbee’s. After all, they are family. That’s why they have promised that although they are “growing” they still keep the customers at the core of their values, “gladly seeing them return every week to their familiar outlets”, Philip Borg, Co-Director of Welbee’s has said. 

Will the least amount of plastic packaging still be used? 

Yes, the Welbee’s brand prides itself on constantly moving forward and creating the change that they wish to see in the industry. That is why the plastic-free refill stations that were previously available will still be accessible. They will continually strive to reduce the amount of waste that they generate, keeping their carbon footprint constantly at the forefront of their innovations. 

If you’re still a bit anxious about this change, don’t worry, just have a look around one of the new Welbee outlets and you’ll see that although it’s a new chapter, the core has not changed. Your favourite yoghurt is still available, together with those plastic-free refill stations which really help set Welbee’s apart. 

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