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WATCH: Save Time, Save Money And Save Your Shopping List On This Maltese Supermarket Site

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As we approach the end of the year, everyone wants to know how we can save, save and save.

Not only is Christmas around the corner, but money is tight with the COVID-19 pandemic still in sight and that means it’s time to look for some cost-saving options across the board.

Thankfully, with Savemart Supermarket you can save money without compromising quality and it all happens right here online. 

The local supermarket has just launched a user-friendly website to cater to all your shopping needs, from dairy products and delicatessens to frozen foods and pet foods – it’s really the one-stop online shop for you.

And as the name suggests, Savemart Supermarket has a rotation of renowned online special offers across all its products –  which make for some great steals and helps you save a penny or two – a win-win situation for everyone. 

From ‘buy one, get one free’ to slashing prices on bulk orders, it’s the perfect way to stock up for the winter season without having to physically go to a supermarket.

On the other hand, you can also order online and collect in person at the supermarket – just in case you’re passing by or are in need of some fresh air.

But the supermarket’s cost-saving measures don’t stop there. 

In addition to offering an easy, simple and convenient online solution to shopping, Savemart will also deliver your shopping to your door, whether it be your office, home or wherever you are in Malta.

And if you order over is over €75, i.e. a big weekly shop, they’ll deliver for free!

You should really consider shopping at Savemart Supermarket as a long term investment that becomes more profitable the more you shop.

That’s because the supermarket has a super fruitful loyalty scheme based on a points system whereby the more points you accumulate the more you’re rewarded. If you get 200 points, you’ll get €25 worth of free shopping which can be used on their online store to buy yourself something nice.

With Christmas around the corner, you can bet your bottom dollar that Savemart has some festive offers too, including our favourite holiday candy and the highly-anticipated Christmas calendar which is bound to boost your spirits towards the end of the year.

With all your household needs in one place, you’ll never have to stress about shopping again – we know where we’re stocking up for the winter!

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