Here’s Your Opportunity To Get A UK University Degree In Malta

... and the best part is you get a scholarship too!


Whether you're bored stiff with your current educational progression, looking to make a change, or simply after a career booster, we may have found the 2018 solution for you. 

A stone's throw away from the business development hub of the harbour area, Global College Malta offers European accredited degree courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also falls under the umbrella of the Study World Education Holding Group now growing worldwide across the educational sphere. 

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With the prospect of a modern state-of-the-art environment to learn and study in, along with ease of access to a number facilities across their campus and the surrounding area of SmartCity, Global College is ready to accept a new batch of prospective students. 

Kicking off in March 2018, Global College will be launching MBA and MSc courses in Management by the University of Chester. In short, get all the goodness of a UK university in the comfort of your home nation. 

And if you're applying for an undergraduate course in management, there's a cherry on Global College's cake. 

The College is offering a €2,500 scholarship per year to students applying by the 23rd of February for these select undergraduate courses. These normally cost around €4,000 per year, meaning you get over 60% of your money back. In the long term, you pay a total of one year's worth of fees that covers almost three whole years!

What's more, Global College degrees additionally fall under the 'Get Qualified Scheme', ensuring students get 70% of their tuition fees back on successful completion of the course. 

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