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WIN: FreeHour’s Latest Update Will Make Sure Maltese Students Never Miss A Deadline Again

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Everyone’s favourite student app, FreeHour, has just launched a new feature that’s guaranteed to help you get your shit together. The new Tasks and Assignments feature is here to make sure you stick to your schedule and never submit an assignment past it’s due date ever again.

1. You can track your upcoming tasks and assignments

As well as those that are already overdue (oops), so that you can keep track of the work you have left to do and make more sense of it. Including adding your due dates so that you avoid that overdue situation we mentioned before.


2. Customise your own reminders

So that you make sure you actually get that work done, and done on time. You can set reminders from the app to remind you what work you have left, and when the due date is approaching.

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3. Feel satisfied as you chuck your tasks and assignments into the ‘completed’ section

It’s just like crossing it off your to-do list, but soooo much more satisfying. The task/assignment stays in the completed section once you put it there, so you can look back at all the work you’ve done and feel proud of yourself.


4. Share tasks and assignments with friends

Once you’ve inputted a task into the app, you can share it with a friend so that they also know about it. This is great if you want to look out for a friend who might have missed a memo, or is just plain forgetful. It’s also great for any group work or projects.


5.FreeHour have an exciting giveaway lined up to celebrate the launch of this feature

The Tasks and Assignments feature is being done in collaboration with Timetoeat, and they’re teaming up to give out ten €25 vouchers to anyone who uses the app. They also have a grand prize of a brand new pair of Apple AirPods 2.

To enter the giveaway you just have to follow these three steps;

1) Screenshot the new Tasks & Assignments section
2) Post your screenshot on your Instagram story
3) Tag @free_hour and @timetoeatmalta (and make sure you’re following them!)

Tag a friend who really needs to use this new FreeHour update

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