11 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring In Malta

There's more than just one big question

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Proposing to your loved one is the biggest of deals, and with Valentine's Day dangerously creeping up we know there are a bunch of boys and girls looking to make that bold leap. And as tradition would have it, this gigantic step calls for some kind of material symbol to seal the deal.

Enter – the engagement ring. 

We have every bit of sympathy for all you would-be engagement ring buyers out there. It's the stuff that would keep anyone up at night. So to help you out we spoke to our friends over at GB Jewellers and asked them for their best pre-engagement ring buying advice. Here goes...

1. Put a price on it

Before starting your ring hunt, make sure you have a budget in mind. Otherwise your heart is bound to be broke. 

2. Take the hints

Your partner has their own personal style – make sure you figure out what it is before you set out on your ring-shopping venture. Lap up any hint they throw your way like a thirsty pup. 

3. Size matters

Figure out a way to find out your partner's ring size so they can actually wear it when you give it to them. Tip: this may be the one time you should get the kunjata involved. 

4. Think of the details

Are you after a Solitaire ring, Trilogy, Halo effect, a setting with the diamonds on the side? Think about this seriously before you go in for the ring-buying challenge. Also, refer back to point 2. 

5. Listen to the experts

When you're shopping for a diamond, there are four Cs you need to pay attention to: carat, cut, colour, clarity. Trust your jeweller to evaluate the size and quality of a diamond to find the right combination to fit your preferred style and price – don't be worried about becoming a diamond-expert beforehand.

6. Dare to be different

A coloured stone might not be the traditional choice, but it may be the perfect fit for your future-fiancée. A ruby, tourmaline, blue sapphire, or amethyst ring could be stunning if the quality is gorgeous.

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7. Dare to be really different

If you're a designer/artist/creative person you can even design your own ring – at least at GB Jewellers you can. Guaranteed it will be the most unique ring on the planet.

8. Don't forget the paperwork

All diamonds should come with a certificate, you should not be accepting any diamond without one. You need to leave your shopping spree with either a jewellers’ certificate or a gemological lab certificate (look for letters like IGI and GIA).

9. Think about the future

Your ring will need to be polished and cleaned from time to time, so make sure you wrap that mother up with the right aftersales service agreement.

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10. Don't wait too long

If you have a date you want to propose by don't leave it to the last second to get the ring – adjustments and personalisation may take some time. Also, you would be stupid to ever ignore Beyoncé's advice. 

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11. Cover your assets

Finally – remember to insure that blingy baby before you ask your loved one the most important question of their life.

Don't forget to visit GB Jewellers who have a wide range of products you will love at any of their stores, including their newly refurbished Birkirkara outlet, as well as their watches at Micallef Watch Dealer in Zachary Street, Valletta. 'Til then, we bid you good luck love birds!

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