9 Stages Of Trying To Park Your Car In Paceville

OMG a free spot... nope – Smart car

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So many memories are made in Paceville – every second has the potential for a moment of hilarity, joy, unbridled grinding, and oversharing in bathrooms. But when half those moments are spent looking for a place to park, it can almost not seem worth it.

Except it is. And that's why we put ourselves through the agony that is Paceville parking. Here's what we all go through each time we do. Yes – Every. Single. Weekend.

1. Experiencing undue optimism

Even though last week you spent 3.5 hours looking for a place to park, this week you just KNOW it will be easier. 

2. Believing you have secret intel

Okay, maybe it's not looking great after all, but you're positive no one knows about the secret street you discovered last week...

3. Finding out you don't

...All of Malta knows about this street. And there are exactly zero places to park here.

4. Fielding your friends' ridiculous parking suggestions

"Why don't you park in that triple yellow line, zebra crossing, parking time-zone restricted spot?"

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5. Cursing the over-the-line parker

And swiftly being shocked at just how much actual rage you feel about this every time you see it. 

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6. Containing your euphoria when you think you've seen a spot

You don't even tell your friends because you're afraid you'll ruin it.

7. Containing your devastation when the parking dream is shattered

Because that free space you thought your saw actually had the smallest car in history parked there. 

8. Catching a glimpse of what might be a REAL parking opportunity

Unless it's a mirage. 

9. It is real... but

A pleather be-skirted woman in 16-inch heels assures you that "daqt ġej ir-raġel ta'". #OfCourse.

BONUS: Finding out you can finally put an end to the Paceville-parking-drama

That's where Pendergardens comes in. All you Paceville-goers can finally avoid the stress and hassle of pre-party-parking because Pendergardens'  brand new public car park is finally being launched. It's got over 300 spaces, CCTV, colour-coded floors, lifts to St. Andrew's Road, super competitive rates, and a superb location. Imagine a world where you never have to go through these stages again. Now believe it.