Here's What Went Down At Malta's Sexiest Pool Party

Fashion and Mar are a match made in heaven

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Fashion Del Mar, an awesome runway show turned party by an infinity pool, went down last weekend at Cafe Del Mar, and as expected, it was off the hook. Events By Martin brought their signature planning to make sure the whole thing was taken up a notch or five.

Here are some of the highlights from last weekend's fabulous do.

1. The outfits were on point, of course

With an event like this, you'd expect some pretty incredible outfits, and Fashion Del Mar certainly didn't disappoint. With catwalks showcasing the summer collections of Yamamay, EBM's own line and Distorted Clothing, the crowd was treated to some seriously cool styles.

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2. It didn't take long for champagne to make an appearance

A special event like this requires a special drink, and Moët bottles quickly started cropping up to make sure the crowd partied in style.

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3. The DJs brought the heat with some awesome sets

Roberta Nicholls got the crowd going early at 3pm with a great lounge vibe, and by the time Ruby to the DJ booth, things instantly escalated. The headliners of the night, Urban Contact, flew in from Vienna and enjoyed every moment with the crowd. 

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4. And revelry quickly ensued

As time went by, everyone eventually was up and dancing, and the party quickly went from a fabulous fashion show to a pumping party.

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5. Yes, there was an actual C02 gun

Because every party needs one of these bad boys.

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6. The gorgeous sunset was a highlight in itself

Cafe Del Mar is perfectly placed for its attendees to enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets in Malta, and last weekend certainly didn't disappoint. This made for some incredible shots as the sun went down and the party went into overdrive.

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