WATCH: Sunny Skies And Happy People - This Is Why Malta Is The Perfect Place To Work

Work hard play hard as they say

Our tiny little cluster of Maltese islands has so much to offer; loads of sunshine, great beaches, exciting parties and we're apparently the 22nd happiest country in the world. So it's no surprise that so many people are choosing to settle down in Malta when looking for a job.

And we've teamed up with Keepmeposted to tell you exactly why.

Here are some reasons why Malta is the best place to get a job;

  • In 2018, Malta was voted the ninth best place for women to work abroad,
  • There are tens of thousands of jobs on offer every year,
  • With great weather and so many exciting leisure activities just on our doorstep, the work-life balance in Malta is great,
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  • In the summertime you could still catch a few rays of sun by the sea at the end of your work day,
  • The three highest paying industries here in Malta are iGaming, finance and IT, and companies in those industries are constantly growing and looking to hire new people,
  • Plus, salaries are almost constantly on the rise and unemployment is currently at a low of 3.5%.
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If you're looking to find a job in Malta, you need to know about Keepmeposted

You definitely need to keep this job-listing site on your radar.

They provide that important link between businesses that are looking to recruit and people who are looking for jobs. Companies can send out their adverts to thousands of people instantly. And those thousands of people receive those vacancy updates straight in their mailboxes.

Easy peasy, lemon squeazy.

Almost 11,000 vacancies were posted on Keepmeposted last year, a whopping amount of 63,000 job seekers, and an in impressive 1.4 million website hits in the year 2018. You could be next!

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