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The Future Is In Your Hands: Malta’s Biggest Student Conference Will Prepare You For Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet

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What do you want to be when you’re older? Everyone was asked the question growing up but answering it has never been harder. In a world where machines are taking over more and more aspects of our lives, the modern workforce is in a state of perpetual change and a career you are currently pursuing may not even exist in the future.

The reality is the only constant is change and you can either embrace it or be left behind.

That’s why EY Malta has decided to host the second edition of its student conference Generate on the 29th of November… so that students like you can get a better understanding of what the working world will look like in a few years’ time. 

Generate 2.0 will provide you with essential insights into the role of technology in today’s society and how you can embrace and anticipate its progress to help develop a long and successful career.

As a student, you will hear from local and global experts in an interactive panel-like discussion where you’ll also get the opportunity to prod their brains with questions about what the future of the workforce will be like and what you can do from now to prepare themselves for it.

In addition, the intimidating nature of technology will be broken down and demystified through seven speed-workshops designed to help you understand the future of work; including topics such as AI, blockchain, 21st-century auditing, digital tax, sustainability and even a curiosity-arousing subject called ‘purpose’.

These workshops will be the perfect opportunity for you to get some hands-on experience with the industries of our future and weed out the areas which are most exciting and relevant to you. They’re also crazy fun and are bound to pique your interest in certain career areas.

You’ve met the experts and experienced what they do. While all this is important in understanding how the workplace will change in the future, the most important thing and never-changing factor in landing your dream job is… networking.

At the GenZone Expo, you’ll be able to meet faculty from the University of Malta, MCAST, student organisations and NGOs to further discuss what opportunities are out there for you, whether it be higher education or employment.

By introducing yourself and discussing your ambitions to industry experts, you’ll be creating an invaluable network of contacts that can help you shape and define your future. Who knows… you might just meet your future employer.

Oh, and look out for Lovin Malta; we’ll be there on the day!

So, are you ready for the future of work?

Whether you’re dead set on a career already or still haven’t made up your mind, Generate 2.0 will undoubtedly have something to offer for any young student motivated to have a fruitful and impactful career. 

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