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Valletta Waterfront Is Back And Here’s Six Reasons Why You Should Check It Out

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Life is slowly but surely starting to look a little more like it used to be before the pandemic, which means more people are hoping to enjoy more time in the great outdoors.

And if you’re seeking ideas for a morning, afternoon or evening out and about, you really should look no further than the Valletta Waterfront. One of Malta’s most picturesque promenades has undergone a pretty major facelift during lockdown and is now welcoming visitors again.

If you haven’t been recently, here are six reasons to put the Valletta Waterfront at the top of your to-visit list.

1. It has a wide range of top-notch restaurants

First things first, if you’re going out for a few hours, you’re probably going to want to stop for lunch or dinner somewhere along the day.

Luckily, the Valletta Waterfront boasts all kinds of restaurants and cafeterias – whether you’re looking for seafood, Asian, a hearty meal of ribs and chips, cocktails or just a simple cappuccino, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

To say you’re spoiled for choice is an understatement. And what about the views? It’s only natural that al fresco dining is de rigueur.

And if you haven’t been there in a while, you need to know that a couple of new restaurants have opened up recently, lending the area a hip kind of vibe.

2. Street entertainment that will captivate you

Valletta has improved its street entertainment game in recent years, but what’s on offer at the Waterfront really takes it to another level.

If you visit on Wednesday and Thursday evening during July and August, you will not only be serenaded by buskers and musicians, but get to enjoy acts like juggling, stilt-walking, fire spinning, street magic, bubble animation or just-for-laughs fortune telling. You might even be able to get your cartoon likeness drawn for free by a caricaturist.

And on weekends, a number of children characters make an appearance along this natural stage, making the Waterfront a perfect location for a family day out in this stunning destination.

3. You couldn’t ask for a better location 

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and crowds, the promenade is extremely pretty in its own right, but the direct view of the Grand Harbour could fit on any postcard.

Watching the sun set over the water with a cocktail in one hand, an appetiser in the other, and good company around you makes for a truly perfect summer evening. 

And you don’t have to fret about parking either. Parking is available a short distance away at a flat rate, with free ample parking also on adjacent roads.

4. It recently benefitted from a major investment   

Valletta Cruise Port used its pandemic-imposed downtime during last year’s lockdown to significantly improve the Waterfront’s physical appearance.

A further €2 million were invested in bespoke canopy structures which fully respect its rich history as a trading port that the Knights of St John and European merchants used to unload their wares.

At the same time, the canopies serve their function of shielding people from the sun, while still enjoying the views and the sea-breeze, a clear example of how to fuse old and new.  

5. It’s super easy to get to (from both land and sea)

The lift from Valletta, easy parking, the Gozo fast ferry and for an added measure of fun jet ski parking just against the promenade, make Valletta Waterfront easily accessible.

It used to be unthinkable to spend an afternoon or evening in both Valletta and Gozo, but that has all changed thanks to the introduction of the fast ferries this summer. Conveniently located within walking distance from the Waterfront, you can now enjoy a lunch on the Waterfront and head straight off for a night in Victoria or travel to Gozo in the morning and enjoy dinner  in downtown Valletta under the stars.

A range of options has truly opened up!

6. It is a COVID-19 safe experience

As far as locations go, the Valletta Waterfront is also extremely safe, as they are taking all the necessary precautions to keep all visitors (and staff) safe in a post-COVID-19 setting.

You won’t run into large crowds, measures are observed by all the establishments, and you will be outdoors most of the time. You can enjoy yourself and rest assured that you’re in a safe environment – the best of both worlds. 

While life hasn’t yet returned to pre-pandemic normality, we’re getting there bit by bit and that’s a huge relief because there’s just something about summer in Malta that makes you want to be out and about as much as possible.

Not only is the Valletta Waterfront beautiful, activity and food-packed and extremely accessible, but it is COVID-19 friendly too.

So as we start returning to post-pandemic life in a cautious manner, there really is no better place to pay a visit to.

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