Here's Why This Is The Perfect Date For Every Maltese Person Who Loves Wine

And the ideal excuse to head to Gozo

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Summer nights in Malta offer some of the most romantic settings ever, but if you've been meaning to put things into overdrive, Marsovin has got you sorted. Their new event in Gozo, Antonin Under The Starsis promising the perfect summer night out... or date night. 

From the opportunity to learn about Malta's culture to the venue itself, here's why this event has what it takes to be just that.

1. The setting is as idyllic as they get

The venue chosen for this event is Marsovin's Ramla Valley wine estates in Xagħra (Gozo), a stone's throw away from the beautiful Ramla Bay. It's also were Marsovin makes some of their best wines, so talk about being right there among the source of it all. And hey, it's the perfect reason to make your way to Gozo for the weekend!

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2. The event is a celebration of this year's grape harvest 

What better reason to host a wine event than to celebrate the harvest of this year's vintage? Attendees will also get an opportunity to taste the wines produced at the estate... because it isn't a celebration before the wine starts flowing.

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3. Award-winning wines are grown at the venue... and they'll also be served on the night

The event itself takes its name from the award-winning winning Antonin Blanc... which is made from Chardonnay grapes grown from the very same estate, along with the premium Blanc de Cheval. 

There will be a variety of wines available on the evening, but the highlights will definitely be the premium Antonin Blanc made from barrel fermented Chardonnay grapes, and the unoaked fresh and Fruity Blanc de Cheval, which also happens to be the newest addition to the Marsovin premium range.

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4. Guided vineyard tours by wine specialists 

Sure, everyone can enjoy a delicious glass of wine, but while you're at it, get to know more about your new favourite bottle. It's the perfect opportunity to impress everyone at the next dinner party, and hey; those tours come with even more wine tasting! 

Guided tours will be happening between 7 and 8pm, but guided tasting will be available all throughout the evening. So the next time you're handed a glass, you'll have some wine trivia to back up that swirling. You're welcome.

5. The food will make you want to arrive hungry

They don't call the full experience wine and dine for nothing. Food for the night will be in the very capable hands of Orange Miles, which is currently getting a lot of traction as one of the best food trucks on the island.

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6. It's not a party without some good music

And with the much-hyped The Travellers taking care of the entertainment, a fun time is pretty much a given. As it so happens, it's the first time the hottest mainstream act in Malta will be performing live in Gozo, so expect some big things!

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Antonin Under The Stars is going down on the 25th and the 26th of August. To help make sure the atmosphere is perfectly intimate, the event is open for a very limited number of people, and €20 tickets are up for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The ticket price includes entrance, a vineyard tour between 7 and 8pm, premium Marsovin wine all through the evening, and a souvenir wine glass to take home.  Tickets can be purchased online or directly from the Marsovin Cellars by calling on 23662445 / 79231919, and more information on the nights can be found on the official Facebook event page

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Tag someone you'd love to take with you on this wine date under the stars!

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