17 Reasons Gozo Will Always Be The Prettier Sister

We shouldn't be jealous of our siblings, but we kinda are.

Beautiful Gozo

Now that the Santa Marija week is over and the Maltese have all begun their long journey back home, we can't help but look back longingly at the stellar sights that Gozo has to offer.

It's kinda hard to admit, but in reality we all know that Gozo will always be Malta's prettier little sister; and here's just a few reasons why:

Say What

1. The stunning view of the harbour as you're entering

Or leaving #tragic

2. The old AF, but beautiful temples

3. The gorgeous view from Dwejra Tower

4. And the iconic Azure Window just down the road

Which also features a secret hidden pool, that is equally beautiful

5. So many entrances are works of art in themselves

6. Even the caves are pretty

7. Ramla bay is a total babe

8. And San Blas knows what's up

9. The whole island was basically made for Instagram

10. Why else would Xlendi have this perfectly shaped window?

11. Or these beautiful sunsets?

12. Gozitans know how to celebrate a festa

13. And bajtar don't come much juicier than these 

14. Their quaint bars are 100% authentic

15. And good luck finding a valley like Wied Il-Għasri anywhere else

16. Honestly, they have a city that literally glows

17. And far too many perfect vistas for anywhere to really compete with them

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Chucky Bartolo

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